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How to apply for grant money

We need to know about you and your needs so please fill in this application form fully.  We do expect you to raise some of your own voyage money but hope to be able to help you.  We are prepared to fund several individuals in a group if the need is there.

Once you have filled in your application form in full, e-mail or post it to the Trust Secretary


Your feedback wanted!

When you are on your trip please take photos and keep a record/log/blog.  E-mail or send them to us and tell us about your experiences.  Send post cards, a record of your voyage and what it meant for you and photos.

Please send them to us, we want to hear from you!  Send them to the Trust Secretary.  Thank you!


International exchange grants

We offer two special grants to fund two young people to gain sail training experience on a ship abroad.

ASTO, The Association of Sail Training Organisations handles applications for the International Exchange grants.  Applicants will usually have a track record in Sail Training.  The individuals will be recommended and supported by a sponsoring organisation.

A condition of this grant is that we receive a full report.  A record of the voyage/log and reflections on the trip and what you have taken from the experience together with photographs, is what we would like.


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