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James Myatt enjoyed sailing with the Sea scouts in Leigh on Sea in Essex when he was a teenager.

As an adult in the 1960s in the very early days of Sail Training in this country he helped to start and expand Sail Training opportunities and schemes.  He led many sail training expeditions.  He sailed Tawau in the first Sail Training Association race across the Atlantic in 1964.  He helped to start friendship cruises with Polish, Russian and other countries’ ships and helped make sail training truly international.

He was a great leader and made the hardest of things possible and fun.  He was resourceful and a great man.

He died when he was 51 in 1982.  His friends and colleagues missed his friendship, enthusiasm and leadership.  He was generous to everyone with his time and effort and did so much.

James’s friends, family and colleagues started the fund in 1984 and gave generously to support young people and remember James Myatt’s contributions to Sail Training.


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